More Stuttgart 2021

Having seen Stefan’s comments on the show, I couldn’t resist another post on Stuttgart 2021.  He writes

Everything (well – almost) is back at its place, pictures will be exchanged, mails written: an really very fine exhibition found it’s end.  I want to thank everybody for being present in a very active way AND always complying to the rules during the whole show.  For me it was so much fun to do this ENSC with you!!!  This exhibition was the most relaxing one for me since years.

Stay safe ! Have a blessed Christmas time and a good start into a better following year (when we surely see each other again) !

And here’s his shot of the show….

Elsewhere, here’s a couple from NCI’s Facebook page….

These station modules appear every year and get better and better….

The fiddle yards are always impressive……

And this one rivals Paul’s Japanese collection!

And our Danish friends Hans and Kim Lee Christensen took some good pictures (and they do like British trains.) This is a most impressive junction.

A few more pictures…

And a reminder from 2008 – Kim Lee took this picture of a well stocked ESNG fiddleyard.

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