ESNG meeting – 5 December 2021

The third meeting of the week, and once again we seemed to hit the Rule of Six.  I’ll let Paul introduce the proceedings: 

A third ESNG meeting in a week with just 6 attendees. The running session was enjoyable as ever. I went for a selection of Shinkansen sets from JR East. The E4 MAX Tohoku livery, E3 Tsubasa, E2 Hayate J Series, E5 Hayabusa and the E4 MAX Toki livery.


There was a bigger desk for the Treasurer….


Brian had built a very nice rail head treatment unit (RHTT).  No scale leaves to go with it, though….


Some colourful Swiss goods from Allan….

Derek’s (Apps) little autocoach and loco were running very well…


More of Paul’s Japanese selection….

My Farish BR 2-6-2T, that I bought second hand, ran very well….


To close, here’s Brian’s usual record of the afternoon…..

And here’s how he built his RHTT…

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2 Responses to ESNG meeting – 5 December 2021

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  2. Brian Seaman says:

    Thanks for the inclusions Jon 🙂


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