ESNG meeting – 23 January 2022

What a difference a few days makes – ten-and-a-half members present this afternoon for a solid afternoon running trains and socialising.  It was a sad afternoon, as it (probably) was Paul’s last club meeting with us.  We shall miss him filling the outside tracks with exotic Shinkansen and very long goods trains – to say nothing of strange Thomas the Tank Engines.  Still, this did give a good excuse for a very pleasant curry evening.  We haven’t done this for a bit, and have missed this side of club life.

We haven’t seen the fiddleyard so full for a while!

Austrian passenger and German goods….

American super-power…


Bavarian beauty….


And British coal….

Paul’s view of the afternoon….

Returned from an extended ESNG meeting to take in a running session and a farewell curry for yours truly. The afternoon attracted 10 members, 6 of whom adjourned for curry afterwards. The way things are going, I may get to a couple more meetings before heading north. Today’s trains were the EVA 500 Series, Oigawa Railway Thomas, DF200 on cement tankers, E7 and the 700 Series.


And Brian’s usual excellent video….

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