ESNG meeting – 13 February 2022

A busy Sunday afternoon, with eight members present, including Paul for his last, last, meeting.

My final East Surrey N Gauge Group meeting finished off with a curry to mark my 60th birthday which is a week tomorrow. I should be back for the ESNG open day on April 9th.

The outside, red, track looked very empty without a procession of Japanese trains – currently all in storage in Daventry….

Tomorrow will be my last regular meeting of the East Surrey N Gauge Group. I joined in August 2002 when I moved from Devon to Selsdon Park. There are memories to cherish from my association with the group and I have made many friends as well. I will be staying in touch and will remain a member. There are a number of model railway clubs which I could join when I move north including Daventry, Northampton, Lutterworth, Coventry, and Leamington and Warwick, as well as specialist N Gauge groups in Kettering and Milton Keynes.

Well, at least the last 20 years ended with a curry!

What was exceptional was such a large circuit to play with.  With Dave’s (relatively) new boards, and Derek and my new modules, we achieved a 3 x 1 setup.  The Treasurer complained that it took too long to walk around the layout.


I was delighted that I had wired up my modules correctly, and trains ran first time.  Next job will be ballast and scenery.

Derek’s (Atfield) new module is a drive-it-yourself module for exhibitions (and possibly any club members without a driving licence?) 

Trains looked excellent crossing the viaduct.

And Dave’s module can hijack trains off the main line!


Sometimes I worry about Mr Atfield’s imagination….


Simon’s lovely SP cab-forward.  With sound, even with DC control.


And a few pictures from Brian….

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