ESNG meeting – 2 March 2022

Five members turned up for the Wednesday meeting, allowing plenty of running time all round.

I tried running my military train for the first time, having made the NGS Warwell and Warflat kits during the first lockdown.  It ran reasonably, but needs a little fettling, as it kept derailing at a couple of locations.  Still, I was pleased with it so far.


Chris was running some Metropolitan line underground stock.


I replaced my train with a container rake, that ran perfectly.  Chris then gave his re-geared Class 33 a turn on the front of the containers.  Graham’s American Union Pacific rake overtakes in the background.

Mr Stroudley turned in his grave at the sight of a Terrier pulling a GWR autocoach!


Whilst a GWR Small Prairie pulled lots of large coaches. 


After testing my new modules last Sunday meeting, I corrected the obvious errors.  Where I de-crimped the wires when folding the boards (having forgotten to unplug them), I made a new end board, with a slot for the wires to remain connected and loop from one board to the next.  A couple of legs fitted should allow the modules to be stored vertically.  I also fixed the misplaced track joint where the fishplate had missed.  Point control is nearly installed.  And a rattle can coat of sleeper grime painted the track in two minutes flat.  Next job, ballast.

More from Switzerland in the next post.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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