Potpourri #1050

I’m almost able to start some modelling again.  The loft is well tidied and rearranged, helped by investment in some more Really Useful Boxes.  And here are a few pictures to stir the modelling juices.

Starting with an interesting one.  Bournemouth, just before electrification, with a Class 73 electro-diesel paired with a driving trailer from 6PAN unit 3027.  The early Maunsell EMUs were beautiful coaches.  I was most disappointed to find that unit length, window details, and just about everything else was different from the Dapol Maunsell coaches.  I had hoped to be able to do a simple cut-and-shut on them.


Some Southern Railway elegance at Salisbury….


  Pre-grouping LSWR at Botley (1905) and Bournemouth….

More LSWR; Swaythling and Stockbridge (with an interesting MSWJR 4-4-4T hauling the train.)

And Grately.  A T9 in its original form before superheating and the smokebox being extended, getting rid of the lovely shape of the smokebox door.


Finally, all this style contrasts with the concrete blockhouse of West Sutton in British Railway days!  Nice Vauxhall Cresta, though, and it’s interesting to note how long into BR days the ‘Southern Railway’ name remained on the station.  I’m sure that one can model the period 1930 to 1960 with little change to the railway infrastructure – most of the changes were to the world outside – the road vehicles and the fashions.


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3 Responses to Potpourri #1050

  1. Christopher McCutcheon says:

    Great photos there, you are providing me much inspiration. Im looking at modelling the ilfracombe railway yard. era 1940- up to end of southern steam
    I am an Australian living in Australia, and during lockdowns I discovered a liking for the southern railways of the UK.

    if you or you know of anyone with photos or track plans please let me know. I have developed a track plan from researching numerous photos, however theres are not to scale.

    I have started a awesome collection of locos and coaches, already is very impressive.

    Happy modelling mate, Chris M


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