Retail therapy time

I managed to escape the 2mm show without buying anything (unlike Simon), but I came close to buying a set of baseboards.  And I would have if they’d been at the show, and not needing a long journey to collect.  However, once back home, one or two goodies have arrived at the Bartlett household.

I always appreciate Lance Mindheim’s modelling.  He has an ability to capture a run-down Miami industrial area in a totally realistic manner.  He’s not a rivet-counter, but an artist. 

20220622_091154 And this book ‘Model Railroading as Art’ puts a lot of his ideas in one place.  He writes, ‘We can enjoy our work as a standalone piece of art, the same way we would a painting, photo or sculpture – something we enjoy looking at, whether it’s in motion or not.’  Not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who want to see a train passing every five seconds on an exhibition layout.  But there’s a lot to think about here, with chapters including sections on Color, Space, Lines and Shapes and Forms, and on Scene Composition and Organizing.  Other sections take in backdrops, selective compression of scenes, and focal points – how to direct the eye into and through a scene.

I liked the section on ‘Scene Busters’ – not an ESNG member who drops one of the club corners. 

I see it frequently; an exceptionally well-executed model, a work of art in every way, except for what I call a “scene buster.”  The proverbial case where a person is unaware of the broccoli chunk between their teeth.  A tacked-on eye-sore that is so distracting that it ruins and otherwise perfect model…..

Lots of interesting reading and even if your modelling is in a different direction, there will always be a few points that one can learn from.

Mathieson Models are back – at a price.  A while back, Rails of Sheffield commissioned ten new private owner wagons from Mathieson Models.  They hail from points as varied as Exeter and Glasgow.  An expensive treat, but I believe that these lovely little models are worth the extra cost over Peco and Dapol.  They are a similar price to a Farish wagon, and model an earlier, slightly smaller PO wagon. 


Finally, a guilty habit of mine is watching plastic kit constructional videos on YouTube.  Again, I pick up some good modelling hints, especially for painting and weathering.  But recommended on one was this tiny bench vacuum cleaner (shown upside down here.)  Running off two AA batteries, it is just the thing for cleaning the dust off the bench, and perhaps even the layout.  At £8 off Amazon, it was definitely worth a go!


I wasn’t at Sunday’s ESNG meeting, but the newly-retired Allan was….

And Brian caught it on film….

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