Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway 2022 #1

A busy but very satisfying weekend was spent at the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway – a fine mixture of model railways and 2′ gauge narrow gauge.  A good number of ESNG members helped through the weekend, but Allan, Derek and I went down Friday afternoon for a more leisurely set up of the layout – it saved an early start and panic on the Saturday.

Just about set up and being tested.  We added the curtain on the Saturday morning.


We had a photo taken of the ESNG team plus show organiser Kerry from Invicta behind Saggers Sidings – Kerry being yet another ‘Friend of Miles.’


A few heavily weathered wagons are mouldering on the disused sidings…..


The usual eclectic selection of trains from ESNG, including Chris’ Underground set….

A number of small ‘lockdown’ layouts were on display.  The OO GWR layout just folded in half to store in the wardrobe.  Very much like a slightly smaller ‘N’ layout we had at our show a few years ago.

Two ‘OO’ layouts…

An American short line.  I like the interlaced dual gauged trackwork.

No, it’s not an ESNG club night – just World War 1!


A very nice ‘009’ layout.  It avoids the ‘twee’ look of some narrow gauge layouts and looks like a real railway doing a real job of work.

I liked Wantage in fine scale 3mm, 14.2mm gauge.  The true-scale track is very obvious.


This Irish narrow gauge line is a lovely model, and a regular on the exhibition circuit.  But it is usually behind barriers, and it was good to be able to examine it close up.


On Sunday, we didn’t have to run many trains (just put them back on the track) as Lucas had taken over all four controllers!


Next time, some of the real railway exhibits…..

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