Across the Irish Sea – 6

The Snaefell Mountain Railway joins the village of Laxey with the summit of Snaefell, at 2,036 feet above sea level the highest point on the island.  The line is 5 miles (8 km) long, is built to 3′ 6″ gauge.  It uses a Fell Incline Railway System centre rail for braking on the steep gradients.  The railway occasionally uses the centre rail for braking only; the cars are all now equipped with rheostatic braking, which meets all normal braking needs. 

No. 5 arrives back from the summit.  Note the bow pantograph collectors, and the decided bow in the bodywork –  that is newer than the other carriages, as it was replaced (without a clerestory roof) after a fire.  Also the ‘narrow gauge’ (well, 6″ less) Manx Electric lines in the foreground.

And awaits the return run….


No. 4, showing the Fell braking system attached to the bogies….

No. 1 seems to have added rail brakes on the bogies? 

Ron sets off for the summit….

No. 1 (and Ron) arrive….

The views are worth the ride – on a clear day!

Next post, a visit to the Manx Electric Railway workshops.

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