TINGS 2022 – Some other layouts

Allan walked around the show as it opened, and caught some of the other layouts on display.  I’ve selected some of the layouts that I’d have spent time watching!!  They appear in alphabetical order…

Always good to see Ambleton Vale, with so many cameos around the railway, and meet those friendly operators, Ray Taylor & Anna Bass.


Ashcombe is a 6’ x 2’ G.W.R layout based in Devon in the 1940’s.


First of the layouts that I would have liked to see.  Barton Road is located in the run-down suburbs of Bristol in the early 70s. I like the triangular junction.

‘Modern image’ in the West Country with Gravelly Oak.


Ishinaka represented Japan at the show – and featured a spectacular 15 road traverser!

Mickelover models a through station on the GNR’s Derbyshire Extension, 1878 – 1964, and is close to scale length.  Another layout that I’d like to have seen.

New Millfields is ideal for trainspotting, with its 24ft, four track, mainline.  Almost an N-mod layout?


North Road models a number of maintenance facilities.


Squaw Falls is located somewhere in the North Central or North Western US, and is another, rather smaller, place to watch the trains go by.


Tamcester is a large town somewhere between London and Birmingham.


Tuemyll Junction isn’t regional or period specific, but is usually operated with BR Green or Blue.


The Vale of Oxbury is always worth a look.  Lovely modelling of the Western region in the 1960’s.  It looks as if the layout is for sale, and I hope it goes to a good home.

And finally Woodhead, a fine model of the electrified trans-Pennine route, that again I’d have like to have seen.  Allan missed the EM1 and EM2 electrics, but spotted this interesting vehicle….

I’m going to close this year’s TINGS posts with a few thoughts on exhibitions – next time.

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