Uckfield MRC exhibition 2022 #2

Moving on….

Robin Gay’s Wantage in P4 is a scale representation of that quirky prototype.  The real thing was tiny and the Wantage Tramway terminated in the middle of a load of buildings.  The layout has taken a lot of research, and many of these buildings were demolished over 50 years ago.  So the layout is incomplete, but still worth a good look.


The Uckfield club’s Lower Shalford in O gauge is set somewhere south west of Guildford.  A fairly typical branch line terminal (of BLT), but there is plenty of fine detailed modelling to be seen.

They seem to try and get an S scale layout to the Uckfield show most years.  Paul Greene’s Blakey Rigg is based on a real branch up on the North Yorkshire Moors.  S scale is very tempting for the scratch builder – like 2mm finescale, the gauge society can supply a lot of useful parts to get you going, and a lot of oversized OO parts can be adapted.


Into the side room, and Paul Ash’s Hembourne in EM.  A simple four point BLT cameo, but full of good modelling and running very smoothly when I saw it.  Much as I don’t really like the GWR, I do have a soft spot for those earlier, non-pannier, saddle tanks.


Next to Hembourne was Nick Salzman’s Lananta Quay.  Take a deep breath…..  Mixed gauge GWR, 7′ broad and standard.  Built in 3mm finescale (14.2mm and 21mm gauges.)  And some peculiar broad gauge stock to run.  Plus some well modelled sandbanks/mudflats including a cormorant.  What isn’t there to like on this little cameo?


Upstairs, Sandford & Banwell was a large, continuous run, P4 layout loosely set in North Somerset.

It was good to see Gordon and Maggie Gravett chatting about their new lockdown project – more French metre gauge.  It it’s as good as Pempoul, it will be spectacular.

I’d seen Michael Campbell’s Loctern Quay in OO9 before.  Some very good town and harbour modelling to be admired here.


Another show favourite of mine was Old Parrock.  Paul Rhodes cameo in OO is, he admits, more about the watermill and mill cottage.  The buildings are beautifully done, but the whole railway is full of interesting detail.  And it has a Terrier…..


Finally, Underpass.  I saw Robert Strachan’s little HO switching layout at the Seaboard Southern show, and the concept of a small yard under an expressway was worth a second look.


So that’s Uckfield for 2022.  An excellent morning out, and I look forward to seeing what wonders they come up with in 2023.  One thing I know is that I won’t be invited – my layouts are just not good enough.

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