The Redhill Brick & Model Show – 2022

We spent last Saturday at the nearby 17th Reigate Scouts Lego and model show, having been there in 2018 and 2019.  This was their first post-covid show, and it was well attended, especially in the morning.  We took a reasonably sized 3 x 1 N-mod circuit which included Derek’s newish ‘Drive a train module’, that was well used throughout the day.


ERIC made an appearance, full of Allan’s EWS and other modern diesels…


The large circuit gave a chance for long trains to run on the main line (and uncouple!)

A busy fiddleyard…


Taking the broken coal hopper back to the yard.  According to the speedo board, the O8 was way above the prototype maximum speed!


Simon’s very long US train, and Dave’s canal basin…..



At one time we had two Blue Pullmans running (see Brian’s video below).

Elsewhere in the show, there was, of course, a lot of Lego, including Harry Potter and a wonderful London Underground display.  This was half the full layout that the owner has set up at home.

And some other interesting hobbies on show…

So all in all, we had a good day.  There were eight club members present for all or part of the day, that made it a relatively relaxed show and the trains mostly behaved themselves.  We received a lot of appreciative comments.  Above all it was a chance to impress young people with the joy of trains and especially N gauge modelling – some of their faces were wonderful to see.

Naturally, Brian passed through to record a video of the day….

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1 Response to The Redhill Brick & Model Show – 2022

  1. Allan says:

    Had a great time playing trains all day.
    Nice to see the young people taking an interest. Also some big kids as well.


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