Up the Junction….

A week of fairly mild (I think) covid has at least given me some modelling time – though even scenic work has seemed rather more tiring than usual.

My N-club to N-mod junction is just about complete.  I need to decide whether to fix the buses to the layout or have them as free to place.  I also need to add a few figures.  I guess that I’m quite pleased with the end result.

One successful little job carried out was to carefully paint the buses with Micro-sol matt varnish, avoiding the windows.  This gets rid of the high gloss on them, that is so unrealistic, especially in small scales like N.  I was also pleased with the iron railings around the bus garage – Ratio GWR spear fencing.  It looks pretty generic to me, and a lot of fiddling and some superglue gave a good result.


Next job will be a box for this module, to safely store it, then on to the next project.  I may just work through my end loop and other modules and check the wiring.

Finally, a little urban inspiration.  Doesn’t Clapham Junction look ‘modern’ with the ex-LBSCR overhead in 1928? (Photo by HC Casserley.)

And there’s a lot of modelling inspiration in this little YouTube post….

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