A little basic carpentry….

Modelling continues whilst waiting for the covid all clear (written on Monday.)  No symptoms, but generally knackered.  Here are a couple of shots of the bus depot, with some added figures (BR station staff make good bus crew – similar sort of uniforms) and a few extra trees (I thought I might as well finish up the bag.  I’ve also put power on the track, and it works.


I still need to make a cover for this module, but that will have to wait till I can get to the wood shop, as all my bits of plywood are the wrong size or thickness.

Meanwhile, I’ve half done a job I’ve been talking about for years.  Back in 2016, I rapidly built a new N-mod loop to take to Stuttgart.

It’s been used in our own show and been to Stuttgart several times.  And every time, I’ve said that I’d improve the legs on it.  The original legs were ‘rescued’ from another module and rather wobbly, and the loop itself was unsupported – I’ve been waiting for some member to demolish it!  So this week I’ve finally got on with the job.

The board was lightly made out of 6mm plywood, on the basis that it will sit at the end of the layout an not have any great stresses on it when connected to other modules.  So I’ve extended the framework into, and to support the loop, and fitted a cross member to support the new legs.  I was able to flatten out the loop, too, as it had developed a slight gradient across the board.  I little simple, but satisfying, carpentry working out how to do the job, and cutting the wood to fit.

Again, I’m waiting to escape exile and buy the wood for some new legs.  Then, job done.

 To close, a 4LAV EMU in Southern days. 


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