Stuttgart – 2022 #2

For the rest of the week, I’ll post some of Allan’s photos from the N-Club International meet at the Stuttgart Messe.  It will be a bit of a photo dump, as I wasn’t there, and I may confuse a few items.

Today we’ll first take an overview of the hall, showing just how large the N gauge display is. In the past there has been mainly one large modular layout, but with the increasing use of DCC, and with single track and narrow gauge layouts, the tendency now is for a number of modular setups and some stand-alone layouts.  But either way, it’s BIG.


Fortunately most module layouts are set out to allow one to establish a ‘base camp’ in the middle for operation, relaxation (though the chairs are hard) and tea, coffee, or something a little stronger.

The next few shots could be described as ‘men at work.’  Operating a junction like this does my head in!!  After a couple of hours I’ve no idea which train is going where….


These next few also show some of the excellent modular modelling on show.

Sometimes they look happy…..  And sometimes they look a little concerned….

Not forgetting the ladies, of course (watching her module to check it worked – of course it did.)

More next time!

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