Finishing all those projects #3

Well, for “finishing” say “doing something I should have done ages ago.”  Modelling over the last couple of weeks has been a complete rearrangement of the railway room.  Most importantly I got fed up with having two work benches in two locations, so the tools I wanted were always on the bench.  They are now side by side (but not much tidier!)


The books and trains swapped over sides….


All my N-club and N-mod modules are now stored under a layout shelf, together with some of my larger pieces of plywood.  50mm rigid plastic pipe makes excellent supports for a high shelf (4’+ and with timber inserts to locate top and bottom.)


And Kuritu is now a little more accessible….


There’s still a bit of final tidying to do (I got rid of two large plastic bags of rubbish and probably more will follow) but I think that I shall do a little modelling now.

And of course the Open Day is coming soon.  The banner went up on the church railings last weekend.


2023 open flyer - small

I found this video all about getting the last show organised…..

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