ESNG meeting – 25 May 2023

Seven members present today, most of whom were there for the afternoon work party and fish and chips.  It was mainly a testing afternoon.  We set up a large circuit to try out Mr Atfield’s new club corners and a resuscitated dash board.


All worked well, though there’s a bit of ply on one board that may need a bit of fettling.  Back to the workshop now for ballast and perhaps a little scenery.

Elsewhere, we worked out that we’ll need to replace a point in the fiddle yard, as the tie bar is damaged.  And perhaps add more droppers to the boards as one or two sections had a large voltage drop.  Another afternoon’s work may well be needed!

However, the Chairman managed to fix railings to his N-club ‘Temporary Bridge.”  You wouldn’t catch me crossing it in a train, though!


It was mainly an American running afternoon and night.  Funny how that happens sometimes, though it’s rare to have a USA session.  Chris tested his Metroliner EMU.


Simon had a good range of steam pulling fruit express reefers, plus a diesel lash up…



And I got my full D&H passenger train out again, that ran impeccably…


A pleasant and relaxed session (except when the two Derek’s were trying to repair the fiddle yard point!)

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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