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Must resist bargains…..

Now I’m (more or less) retired and living on a pension, I told myself that I will have to cut back my railway spending (except for a few new models when they are finally issued.)  But it’s so very difficult … Continue reading

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Santa’s delivery 2018

What Santa brought me – via Ebay and handed directly to Maxine for wrapping! And is this the cutest tank engine ever (can’t think of a better adjective.)  ‘Borrowed’ from RMweb, it comes from Belgium. Bit tricky for ‘N’, though….

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All I want for Christmas……Not!

I really do hope, Paul, that you don’t buy this set of Japanese prototype trains…. Motorised Sushi!  Whatever next.  I have seen a model restaurant with a moving sushi conveyor belt, but this is taking things too far.  The description … Continue reading

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Lehigh Valley coaches

A few weeks ago, Simon emailed me…. Did you see that they now have Lehigh Valley? Simon I hadn’t seen this, but quickly rectified the situation and ordered one of each number.  I hadn’t really intended to buy more … Continue reading

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Well worth the wait….

The postman delivered two parcels today – my Revolution Class B tankers.  I hadn’t realised that I’d ordered 14…. But I must have, as they arrived today and they all look wonderful. I’d started with the black liveries, so didn’t … Continue reading

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ESNG still have some of their 21st birthday special commission wagon available.  It’s a Dapol Gunpowder Van, suitably lettered, and labelled ‘Return to Redhill’.  Just 100 were made for us, so I guess it’s a collector’s item – of sorts. … Continue reading

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London Festival of Railway Modelling – 2018 #3

We’ll start today with some thoughts on layout design.  It is noticeable how the classic branch line layout has been supplemented at shows by the ’roundy-roundy’ with few points.  It was interesting to compare a few of those layouts on … Continue reading

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