ESNG meeting – 2 January 2020

First meeting of the year and a respectable 9 members turned out to run trains.  I guess that most of us are too old to remember what a New Year hangover is like….

Plenty of trains in the fiddle yard….

Including the inevitable bullet….

SECR splendour from Derek….

The new Revolution Sturgeon wagons are superb.  So I put together a short PW train behind my Warship….

But not that short as Sturgeons are a very long wagon.  Revolution have got these just about right for weight.  They have a die-cast base and have a bit of mass, but not enough to prevent smooth running and long trains.

And then back-dated it behind a Union Mills LSWR 700 class….

And bargain of the week.  Dragged into Horley Lidl for a little food shopping, I made the largest purchase with this foldable sack trolley.  Looks pretty solid, and just the thing for moving modules around!

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Odd modelling ideas #22

A really interesting structure – First Quincy No. 2 shaft house (Wisconsin.)  Inside, iron ore would have been processed.  The rooflines follow the flow of ore down through the building.  Just like western American mines built on hillsides, they used gravity to move the ore through the crushing/screening operations.

This would be quite some challenge to make, and to get all the roof sections lined up.  Though the second tier up on the right hand side seems to have a different pitch from the other roofs – and this difference is not echoed on the left.

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Happy New Year 2020!

A Happy New Year to you all!  I hope that it’s a good one and plenty of modelling gets done.  I will try and do a little more modelling this year.  With retirement this should be possible, but there seem to be so many other things to do….

And I’ll add a Berlin sunset, from my daughter today! (Some railway included.)

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Post-Christmas links

First, a little modelling challenge.  How about a

“Book nook”

Book nooks are defined as “mini worlds created within your bookshelf”, usually as a diorama of an alley.  The idea seems to have originated in 2018 from a Japanese artist called Monde.  They created a “back alley bookshelf” made to fit alongside paperback books. The tweet has been liked 179k times since.

Could there be a model railway equivalent?  But I guess I had better ignore this and try and actually get some modelling done on my ‘real’ projects.  Boxing Day was a fail, due to those nice people of Amazon putting live football on all day….

The Texas Transportation Company was a trolley powered freight line with 1.3 miles of track in San Antonio Texas, which served the Pearl and Lone Star Breweries. Pearl bought up Lone Star, leaving Pearl as the only customer. The line closed in 1999.  Some interesting video here and an interesting little electric shortline to model.

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And for next year….

Surely this must be on my bucket list for next year?  Perhaps an ESNG expedition???

And meet the builders….

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Happy Christmas!

From Facebook….

Christmas trees bound for Texas in November 1964. SP box cars loaded by conveyor at Kirk, Minnesota, Christmas tree grower. The company had 1,750 feet of rail spur and could load 32 cars. They used 180 railroad cars in 1964 to ship nearly 200,000 trees to Texas and other states. (Photographer Floyd Hoverter; Wisconsin’s Historic Natural Resources Photos; The State of Wisconsin Collection; University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.)

And a hint.  Please don’t lay track after a large festive (and fluid) lunch….

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A Victorian Christmas tragedy

From the Guardian:

Charles Dickens’s final Christmas turkey lost by Great Western Railway

Rediscovered letter records that 30lb bird was dispatched by train but transferred to a replacement coach service that caught fire.

Charles Dickens’s stoic response to the destruction of his Christmas turkey in a train fire has been revealed in a letter rediscovered at the National Railway Museum in York, in which the author says he “bore the loss with unbroken good humour towards the Great Western Railway Company”.

Dickens, whose love for the seasonal bird came through in books such as A Christmas Carol, was sent the turkey in Christmas week of 1869 by the manager of his reading tours, George Dolby. Dickens was often given a turkey as a Christmas present; according to Dolby’s memoirs, this particular bird weighed 30lb. The festive package took wing from Ross-on-Wye in good time to reach the author on Christmas Eve, but Dickens sent an urgent message to Dolby that day: “WHERE IS THAT TURKEY? IT HAS NOT ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!”

The turkey had been moved, along with other parcels, to a horse-box carriage in Gloucester, which had subsequently caught fire. The charred remains were later offered to the people of Reading, for sixpence a portion.


Perhaps Dickens should have gone to Tescos?

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