Stuttgart – 2019 – 2

As promised, a few pictures from Allan and Sean….

OK! What did Spanish Thomas say to the English Thomas?

The usual suspects….

Vital supplies….

Back to running trains….

Can you spot the movie connections?  All from the German N-Track American modular layout!

Fake news (I sincerely hope!)

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Stuttgart – 2019 – 1

I made a shorter visit to the Stuttgart show this year – just the weekend – but Maxine and Michael flew out with me.  However, for some the show still started on the previous Monday when we loaded up Allan’s truck for the drive out to Stuttgart.  Using his car has worked well for the past few years.  We take out a smaller exhibit, but save the van hire.  Nevertheless, there’s still a lot to go in, what with modules, suitcases, scones and beer.

Three views of our setup at the show.  Raysden formed the main centrepiece.  Overall, everything ran well for the four days, and we were on a good part of the system and received plenty of trains from ‘Spain’, on the left below.

A train passes through Raysden….

And a long American passenger train…

I only took a few pictures this year, but I really liked this set of modules based on a real location in central France.  The houses and businesses are built into the cliff face, with chimneys in the hillside above.

This stand-alone layout was also from a French club…

There was the now-regular Japanese module, from a Hiroshima school and sponsored by Kato.

I really liked this set of modules of a coastal causeway.  Very simple, but the beaches and groynes are most realistic, and it’s just a great location to watch trains go by.

The West Sussex group were representing the N Gauge Society…..

This model of Canfranc, on the Spanish/French border reappeared, and more work had been done on it.  Such a massive building that is in the middle of nowhere in real life.

The module next to us was not connected into the main layout, but stood on its own, showing some neat modelling.

Maxine and I had a look round the other halls.  New this year was the ‘Pet and Animal’ hall, including this rabbit Grand National.  The rabbits weren’t that keen…

And finally, ‘My husband took me to Stuttgart and all I got was this lousy bucket.’  (And it was a freebie from the pet show.)

Well, that’s Stuttgart for another year.  I suspect I shall be back in 2020 – it’s hard work, but a lot of fun, and you run into old friends every year.  I will post a few pictures hijacked from Allan & Sean’s Facebook page next time.

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Brooklands museum – 3

Next to the airliners is a building holding the London Bus Museum.  Parked outside is a Green Line ‘RF’ – very much part of my childhood!

But horse buses were well before my time.  These old buses are still operational, and occasionally go to events, with real horses on the front.  One of the drivers in the museum said that they ride surprisingly well and comfortably.

The ‘S’ class were just an updated version of the classic WW1 ‘B’ class.

The ‘STL’ class were the first ‘modern’ LT bus, having features common with subsequent classes through to the ‘RM’s.

The Guy built ‘GS’ class are one of my favourites.  A number of these little buses operated the one-man routes from Orpington station in my early teens.

The ‘T’ class.  Really a single deck STL.  I think that half-cab single-decker’s always look classy.

The prototype ‘RT’ class, RT1, built pre-WW2, but the first of nearly 5,000 similar buses that were the mainstay of London Transport post-war.

A WW2 vintage Guy ‘G’ class utility bus.

An ‘RTL’, the slightly stretched ‘RT’.

A standard London trolleybus.

Trolley bus and central London red ‘RF’.

Another favourite, an ‘RLH’, an ‘RT’ with a lowered roof to get under low bridges.  I started chatting to one of the attendants, who let us on the bus for a look around and upstairs.  This was one thing I appreciated in all parts of the whole Brooklands museum.  It was full of enthusiasts – ex bus-drivers, pilots and sometimes just enthusiasts, who wanted to go out of their way to explain their part of the museum.

An ‘RM’ and two more unusual single-deckers – a ‘Q’ class, and a BEA coach that used to run from Victoria Coach Station out to Heathrow.

And finally, a mobile canteen, for LT staff.  It was withdrawn in the early 1950’s, so probably dated from WW2, where catering facilities suffered bomb damage, or bus routes had to be changed.  This would make a good model in any scale.

Can’t get the staff, though…..

Overall, an excellent few hours and a very interesting museum.  We had a basic lunch, that was a bit expensive, but very adequate.  I’d like to go back in a couple of years time to see what is new and pick up on the bits that we missed on this visit.

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Brooklands museum – 2

The outside airliner display is virtually a catalogue of post-war British airliners.  Starting with the wonderful Concorde.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do the film and visit to the plane interior – and that was an extra to our admission.

The VC10.  This one finished its career as the Sultan of Oman’s personal transport.  The interior was extremely well appointed – though quite basic compared with today’s executive jets, and even 1st class airline travel.

You could take the captain’s seat, though I’m not sure what that expression is all about!

VC10, Vanguard, and I think a BAC 1-11.

Vanguard, Varsity (RAF crew trainer) and Viking.

A replica Vimy, that is (or at least was till recently) airworthy.  Apart from being a WW1 bomber, these planes completed the first N-S Africa flight, and the first UK-Australia flight.

One of the hangers contains a display illustrating aircraft construction.  This is a WW1 BE2 replica.

A Supermarine Schneider Trophy seaplane.  First of a string of planes that eventually grew into the Spitfire.

Wellington WW2 bomber.  R for Robert was salvaged from Loch Ness, having been located by a team of monster hunters.


There’s also a replica Wellington fuselage to explore.  The geodetic framework was new at the time, and not only made the Wellington a versatile workhorse used throughout WW2, but made it very resistant to enemy attack.

Three generation of fighters – Sopwith Camel (replica), Hawker Hurricane, and behind, Hawker Hunter.

The elegant Hawker Hart, from the 1930’s.  An all metal biplane, that was still in service at the start of WW2, and containing ideas that would evolve into the Hurricane.

Hawker Hunter.  One of the more successful post-WW2 military aircraft.

Elsewhere, a display of hardware including this Barnes-Wallis bouncing bomb prototype.

And his early ‘Tall Boy’/’Big Boy’ earthquake bomb.  I think the display case in the foreground implies that Barnes-Wallis had been involved in developing ideas from airships to the Swallow flying wing aircraft – not that we should try and swallow an airship.

Next post – buses.

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Brooklands museum – 1

Last week, Maxine had to visit West Byfleet, so we looked to see what we could visit in the area, to make a day out of it.  And the Brooklands Museum was just two miles away, so we paid it a visit.  More my sort of thing, but we both had a very interesting time there, and it’s well worth a visit, as there’s all sorts of transport on display.  I’ll start with mostly cars, then they’ll be a post on planes, and finally one on buses.

The museum is in one corner of the old Brooklands race track, used in the 20’s and 30’s.  Part of the banked circuit has been preserved.  Although the road surface has subsided here and there, it would have been just as scary driving around it then, in an 8 litre engine, open topped, racing car with dubious brakes.

And when you look at the racing cars in 2019, can you imagine taking an Austin 7 to Le Mans?  DRS, what’s that??  Aerodynamics????  But this is a lovely little car!

Elsewhere there were all sorts of machines, from long gone companies like Napier Railton and still going, but rather different, ones like Bugatti.

A massive Bentley in racing green – best in a straight line – and a Lagonda.

The MG’s on display were smart little cars, though comparing the MG ‘Midget’ with its contemporaries showed what an accurate name that was!

Elsewhere, there was a display of Grand Prix cars, in the days before spoilers and downforce….

And historic motorbikes with long gone names such as Ariel and Brough Superior…

More up to date is this BOAC Commer van…

Moving onto aircraft, the museum has three generations of Harrier VTOL jump-jets.  This is an early prototype.

This production aircraft landed in Central London, as the nearby poster describes…

This late model was converted to a two-seater and used by British Aerospace as a demonstrator to try and sell the Harrier worldwide.

You were allowed to try out the cockpit for size.  The warning notice is not due to the ejector seat still being operational – more a concern that the aging switches will break!

More planes next post…

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All roads lead to Stuttgart 2019

I’m pinched DM-toy’s video of the Stuttgart setup – when you get to 2:21 you’ll see Messrs Dawes and Atfield hard at work setting up our modules.

And elsewhere in Germany, some ESNG members are trying to get to Stuttgart – but in the meantime, why not test the local beer?

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Off to Stuttgart

Off to find a tin parrot at Gatwick later this week, for ESNG’s annual pilgrimage to the Stuttgart N-Club International meet.  Maxine and I are going out for the weekend, and we’ll be joined on Saturday by son Michael.  No doubt a full report will appear next week, but here are a the usual pictures of ESNG from past years.

In 2018 ERIC was full of Terriers….

The usual suspects were there…

Beer is always important…..

In those days we had enough strength to lift the gate….

They said they were ESNG members – but I have my doubts, unless Mr Apps was trying to collect the subscriptions again….

2015 was the high visibility year – you could spot these two a mile off….

It was also the last time Michael came out to the show with me…. (Please ignore the Chairman in the background.)

Did I mention the beer……

And 2018.  Duncan and Mark had gone over to the ‘dark side’ of Nm….

We were again just a twig off a branch, we had a lot of fun….

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