Stuttgart – 2011 & 2012

First 2011…


And then 2012….


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Stuttgart – 2010

Whilst I am in Germany, I thought I’d post some old Stuttgart photographs taken prior to me starting blogging.  We start with my first visit in 2010.  Some things look just the same.  Some of us look rather younger…..


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Off to Stuttgart

Off to find a tin parrot at Gatwick later, for ESNG’s annual pilgrimage to the Stuttgart N-Club International meet.  A full report will appear next week, but here are a few pictures of ESNG from past years.

Beer is always important…..

In those days we had enough strength to lift the gate….

They said they were ESNG members – but I have my doubts, unless Mr Apps was trying to collect the subscriptions again….

2015 was the high visibility year – you could spot these two a mile off….

It was also the last time my Michael came out to the show with me…. (Please ignore the Chairman in the background.)

Did I mention the beer……

And last year.  We were just a twig off a branch, but the usual suspects were there….

I don’t normally have a shopping list for Stuttgart, having resisted buying any European models (even a Flying Hamburger) in previous years.  However, I’ll be looking out for a second-hand Roco BR-80 tank engine.

And why would I want one of these?  The chassis fits in a white metal USA tank kit that I picked up from BH Enterprises at a recent show.

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On my workbench – module complete

I’ve finished my little module for Stuttgart, and built the box for it to travel in.  It just needs the white line down the middle of the road, and I’m waiting for the appropriate pen in the post.


Here are a few shots of Paul’s Kato layout from the Scout’s exhibition.


And also from Paul, a credit card catastrophe…

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Wittering Wednesday

Brian sent me another interesting video.  Good to see stream passing our local station.  I always forget to look and see what is passing through.

Thought I’d share Clan Line passing through Redhill on Friday the 9th November on the Belmond circular tour of the Surrey Hills, bearing a commemorative wreath of poppies.

And for the prototype for everything department.  Would this make a challenging animation?  A poor landing by the balloon, that probably scared the cr*p out of anyone using the facilities!

And you can now order the RevolutioN Sturgeon PW wagon.  Expensive, but no doubt it will be as good as the Class B tankers – RevolutioN are also no doubt learning from each release they make.  Do order some and get the numbers high enough for them to go into production – because I want three or four of them!!

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ESNG PlayDay – 11 November 2018

Puts our hobby into a little perspective on Remembrance Sunday…..

Our family was, perhaps, fortunate – I had two grandfathers who fought in WW1, and my father was on the Normandy beaches in WW2 – and they all came home.  (One daren’t think too closely about this – if any one of them hadn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this.)  It is good to remember those who fought and lost their lives for the freedom that we enjoy.  I only question why it is the politicians of all nations, who sent their soldiers to war, who get to lay the wreaths in peacetime?

I’d better move quickly along….

After a fortifying curry, where Miles again significantly reduced the profit from the lunchtime buffet, we moved on to the afternoon PlayDay.  Only seven of us there, and we especially missed Paul, selling things with Mr Brightwell at Eurospoor.  But we got a good circuit together.

It was good to see some progress on Dave’s station, that will be most impressive when it is complete.  He has made extensive use of European buildings, but these make good UK city structures.


In character was Allan’s very old Lima German airport express unit, that ran better after a little oil and general lubrication.

Also in the old Lima department was Derek’s Deltic-O-Meter.  Note the new cab fitting on the right, that is a current meter to check the track.  Perhaps this will catch on with Railtrack????

I ran my Warship and a parcel’s train.


Brian was running this little Terrier with a goods train.

Two of Derek’s Eurostars.  An 8-car ‘shorty’ on the left, and a most impressive full length unit on the right.

Here, the full length train passes Allan’s Class 37 and silver bullets.

And Brian’s view of the afternoon:

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On my workbench – a little distraction

With Stuttgart two weeks away, I had to admit that my modules just weren’t going to get finished.  Actually, I was beginning to lose interest in them again.  But I wanted to take something new along, so I thought I’d try and complete a little 400 x 400mm board to add to my two existing N-club modules.  A Walthers ‘Art Deco bridge’ forms the basis, and this is progress after one of the two weeks.  A bit of ballast, contours, and ground cover, and a box for the board, is needed.  I think that this is attainable next week, despite a few other things going on.

The interesting thing about this little module is that I have thoroughly enjoyed building it.  Perhaps this just confirms that I really do like little projects, and small, attainable layouts?

A little ‘believe it or not’ scenic item – spot the spelling mistake outside this Surrey school, and would you dare put it on your layout, then claim that it was a deliberate mistake?

And for the Webcam connoisseur, how about a live feed from the End of the World railway, in Argentina, in deepest Terra del Fuego.  The map shows the Beagle channel, and a nearby glacier.  I happened to surf by with three small steam locomotives in the station.

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