Tehachapi Live Train Cams at The Tehachapi Loop

My posts have been a bit random recently – a lot going on at home, plus the ESNG fiddle yard, plus NGSE 2020.  I was going to go to the Tonbridge show yesterday, but I’ll confess that Storm Dennis put me off!  Still, here’s another random post….

Welcome to Tehachapi Live Train Cams Livestream at the World Famous Tehachapi Loop in Keene, California USA!

This Livestream began streaming on November 23, 2019 and is brought to you by Tehachapi Live Train Cams through the generous donations of our viewers! We would also like to give a special thank you to Creative Wireless for all of their help and for providing the internet service to run the Tehachapi Loop Live Cam!

The camera is mounted approximately 3/4 mile from the Tehachapi Loop hilltop which gives us a very large viewing area of the Loop and surrounding areas.

We currently have a total of 3 livestreaming cams on the Tehachapi Pass. You can visit our Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum cam by clicking here: https://youtu.be/_RHeHn5Py1I and our West Cable Cam by clicking here: https://youtu.be/X9lKfZI8I8g

But the main loop cam is the best, I think.  Of course, it’s dark on the West Coast of the USA as I write this, but try in the afternoon or evening (GMT) for some spectacular railroading and another reason not to do any modelling…..

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De Graafstroom

I’ve seen this stunning layout at a couple of shows, and taken a few photos to post, but having seen these videos it’s worth another look. The layout is in HO (3.5mm ft) scale but is 12.26mm (scale 3′ 6″) gauge, and to near scale standards.  Vincent de Bode, Peter van der Kooij, and Claude Moinier from the Netherlands have done an amazing job here!  If only my modelling approached their technical and artistic skills.

For a full description and more photos, read this blog.

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ESNG miscellany

First, a photo I forgot to post from last week’s meeting.  Electric blue must be the all-time best livery for the LMR electrics – even though this is a modern repaint.

More progress on the fiddle yard on Monday.  Most of the track on the end boards has been laid, and even soldered to the brass screws at the edge of the board.  We’ll be back next Monday for another session.  We may even have to start wiring soon….

And of course, Brian recorded it all on camera.  The stop motion shows how to put the new fiddle yard up.  Note: our members don’t normally move that fast.  And apologies if we were recorded insulting anyone….

Brian also recently took these shots of ‘Clan Line’ approaching Reigate.  Big engines are even better than little ones (but take up more room!)

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ESNG BuildDay – 9 February 2020

Sunday’s BuildDay was a little more selective – just the 4 members braved Storm Ciara to carry on with fiddle yard construction.  We did, of course start with a curry – it will take more than a little wind to keep our Cha(I)rman from a ruby murray.  We then continued to lay track – most of the points are down on the end boards, and we are starting to lay the plain track around them.

And Ciara gave a good modelling cameo.  What do you do if the electrics fail on your layout at an exhibition.  Trampoline on the track – that stopped trains between Orpington and Sevenoaks during the storm.

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ESNG meeting – 6 February 2020

A massive 13 members turned out on Thursday, plus visitor John.  It was very confusing – two Derek’s, two Simon’s, two John’s and two Paul’s!  Paul was looking forward to his rapidly approaching Japan trip, and running all the bullet trains he was hoping to travel on.  But the competition for tracks was keen….

Michael ran two panniers….

Simon contributed some American goods trains…..

There was Edwardian elegance from Derek (the train, not Derek.)

Simon’s European contribution.  Not sure whether the loco was a hint on how fast it should be driven….

And Peter’s fine CJM class 92, pre-dating the Revolution one by some years…

We didn’t get the fiddle yard out to work on.  We are back on Sunday for a BuildDay, so this was a good chance to chat and run trains.

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Keep soldering on

Realising that NGSE is rapidly approaching, more work on the new fiddle yard was needed.  So I arranged to borrow the church hall for a couple of hours on Monday afternoons to get some track laid.  We got underway, fitting the rest of the edge of board screws….

And had the first track down by the end of the afternoon….

Brian was making a concerted effort to become Cha(I)rman by making the tea, but also recorded our progress.  Hopefully we didn’t say anything rude whilst on camera!

And a couple of inspirational shots….

This could be Raysden or Peter’s new module (an ex-GWR railcar set somewhere near Bournemouth.  This set was used to check clearances over a wide area post-nationalisation)….

And remember, buildings don’t need to be square….

And another ‘bargain’.  At $50 each from the States, it would have been rude not to, even with the import VAT.

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The Alton exhibition 2020

A visit to the Alton MRG show last Saturday.  I realised that I hadn’t been to this show since 2016 or 2017 – I recall that last year’s show was hit by snow!  It turned out to be an expensive trip (but retail therapy was a good antidote to Brexit.)  Kent Garden Railways had three large boxes of second hand British ‘N’ gauge, and I came away with too many purchases (and turned down a few more.)

There was a good selection of layouts on show, and I’ve just snapped a few favourites.  It was also difficult to photograph some of the layouts due to the bright winter sun that was shining into the main hall.  In the foyer, first layout on show was Aldbourne (OO9), a neat narrow gauge presentation based on the Lynton and Barnstaple.

One of the largest layouts on show was Leicester Belgrave Road (OO), a fine model of this east Midlands terminus.  I liked the broad expanse of the carriage sidings and good yard.

Sidmouth (P4) is a regular on the exhibition circuit, but I always have a long look at it – it’s such a brilliant model, and despite being a branch line terminus, there’s usually a train on the move.

Gilkicker Loop (N) was running long American trains around a spiral reminiscent of some of the Rocky Mountain crossings.  Good viewing, though I think they had a much larger radius in real life!

Bicsdale (OO) modelled a Western Region goods and mineral line.  Again, neat modelling, and I liked the narrow gauge mineral feeder line, and the house with its vegetable garden (even if the cauliflowers were a little luminous.)

Bembridge (OO) was a late stand-in, but I’ve a soft spot for anything off the Isle of Wight, and especially this little terminus.

And finally, the Stodden Hundred Light Railway (O), with some interesting engines and stock, including a lovely ‘coffee pot’ 0-4-0T.  The GER had a number of these, but with enclosed cabs, and I started one in ‘O’ gauge as a teenager, using Triang OO L1 drivers, with half the spokes filed out.  I built the chassis, but it didn’t get any further!

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