Some smallish layout designs….

I haven’t posted any track plans for a while. So here are a few that have captured my imagination recently. 

Alan Whitehouse’s ‘Mini-MSW’ model of the trans-Pennine Woodhead line, a delightful 5′ diameter 2mm fine-scale layout has a successor.  Same size, and concept, but I’m looking forward to seeing Sovereign Colliery Junction.


Two ‘old-school’ layouts.  The first is ‘Gutter Lane’ in coarse-scale ‘O’.  Continuous run, tight curves, but a rather satisfying design.  A lot of fun to run, I suspect.


Then there’s the Potwell Mineral Light Railway.  Again in ‘O’ and loosely based on the KESR and similar light railways, this dates from way back, and if I remember correctly, was clockwork powered!  But a fun little line.


This is an old Iain Rice plan that I rediscovered.  A UK themed switching layout – originally designed to use a 3-way point and an outside single slip and no other pointwork.  But a neat little layout, representing a yard at the end of a yard, with the main station under the road bridge.


Two US switching layouts, one in HO and one in O.  Both offering a lot of switching fun in a small area.


Finally, from Japan a minimum space scenic loop.  A chance to develop your modelling skills at low cost in a small space?


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