And now for something completely different!  Welcome to the all-new ESNG blog.  It’s still a work in progress, and I’ve still got to get to grips with all those things in the menu on the right.  But it’s up and running, and this is the first post.

Why a blog?  I spent a couple of days reworking the ESNG web site whilst recovering from the removal of my ancient appendix.  It looks a lot simpler and (I hope neater) now, and should be easier to maintain.  However, we did still need an easy to update area for news and views.  This blog may (I hope) meet that need (and thanks to Paula for the ideas).  Besides, I like writing, and have been hankering after a blog for ages.

So what will the blog contain and will it get used?  I hope to add posts a couple of times a week.  Contents?  Items from our newsletter, Tunnel Mouth will be duplicated.  I may well post old newsletter articles.  News and views of the N-gauge world.  And perhaps even updates on progress on the Bartlett modules and layout.  If I write about it, I will HAVE to do something.

So welcome again, and we’ll see what happens…..

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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