ESNG meeting – 3 October 2013

I only dropped into the Thursday meeting for an hour or so, but it seemed a busy night (you can tell that when the treasurer looks happier than usual).  Allan had been sticking our logo on the ‘gifts’ for the other clubs at Stuttgart.  You can’t get much more British than a Pickford furniture van!  He was then changing couplings on a European multiple unit to make setting up a train easier.

On the circuit, there was the usual mix.  Paul, as ever, conjured up some Japanese stock.  Despite the allure of the bullet trains, I do like their suburban electric multiple units.  They all look very ordinary, and would not look out of place running from London Bridge to Horsham.  There was also a motely collection of HST’s running, Neil’s I think, and a long train of blue and grey CEPs.  Plus a very nice train of engineers ballast wagons.  Finally, a Union Mills 0-6-0 and a short train put the case for an earlier era.

And of course, tea and coffee were consumed, and a lot of talking was done…

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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