Jon’s modules – first board

Well, the first board is almost complete with track and wiring.  Just a few more ‘jumper’ cables to add, and final testing with a locomotive, rather than my trusty caboose.

first board


The photograph shows a few features that may be of interest


  • Point motors are ‘Cobalt’ slow motion motors.  Expensive, but the system has a lot going for it – especially little things like the jig that allows you to drill all the motor operating and fixing holes before laying the point.
  • Plates at the joints.  I found some thin copper clad material at a show, that looked a little thinner than the usual sleepers.  It was just right to slide under the PECO code-55 rail, that extends down into the sleeper base.  And it gives a solid soldered fixing for the rails at the end of the board.
  • Point motor switches are recessed into the board’s facia.
  • The interchange yard will be laid directly on the N-club board, without the 3mm packing piece in the standard.  This gives a visual difference between the main line and the yard.  The transition was made with the help of a section of Woodland Scenics pre-formed gradient.

Now to lay some track on the second board….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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