Loss of Scruples

From 2007….

This section was drafted as an appeal from Derek as to who had accidentally taken home a box, after our April show, containing his rake of the new Farish Mk1 Pullman coaches and Class 56 EWS loco. Fortunately, Derek has found them in a box labeled ‘Scruples.’ He had thrown away his scruples (so to speak) and replaced them with some shiny new stock.

Nevertheless, Derek’s original PS has a lot of useful advice in it, so I’ve still included it below!

“PS. A hindsight about taking stock to exhibitions. Make a list of what you take – and USE it. Keep a watchful eye on your stock and be aware if someone offers to help take it to the car – take some yourself at the same time. If possible, mark and identify each item and consider using a secure container – even if you need a trolley to move it as it is not so likely to be carried away. Mistakes DO happen but so, unfortunately, does theft. In this case I don’t know (But he does now – Ed). Derek.”

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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