What to do with snow

Reading an album of railroad photos around Buffalo, I came across the following fascinating fact.

“One of the major headaches of snow removal in the ‘old’ city, was finding a place to plow-shovel-blow the snow. The streets were narrow and usually lined with cars. Only ‘old sol’ and a rising temperature took care of that problem… unless the NYS National Guard was called in to haul it away. In the aftermath of the Blizzard of ’77, the news media reported that the snow was being loaded into railroad cars and shipped south!”

This approach was used to clear the extensive railroad yards, where trains of snow were sent off for a round trip to Florida! Perhaps our railways could do something similar with the wrong kind of leaves/snow/badgers?

And how would you model it – and convince people that snow was a realistic load for your gondolas?

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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