Meanwhile, back in Earlswood….

From the Surrey Mirror:   Train passengers angry at having to wade through ankle-deep water

earlswood flood

Passengers were forced to wade through ankle-deep water after heavy rain swamped a train station underpass.  Dozens of people were left without any alternative after getting off the train at Earlswood Station and making their way down to the subway at platform two.

Many passengers took to Twitter on Saturday to vent their anger, claiming no warning had been given about the problem, and saying more should have been done to solve the issue.  Passengers were eventually advised to continue their journey to Gatwick Airport and return to Earlswood on the opposite platform.

According to a Southern Rail spokesman, the problem occurred due to a technical problem with a pump, installed to deal with flooding. The spokesman added: “Heavy rain fell and the subway was flooded.

“The pump down there wasn’t working and it was closed that day. Now it’s working again.

“Because it [the station] is located on the bottom of the hill, we’ve set the pump up to remove the water, but a small problem with the pump on Saturday meant it didn’t clear like it was supposed to.”

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