ESNG meeting – 5th December 2013

A fairly quiet evening again tonight – cold weather and Christmas coming soon, I guess.  Still, we did get a circuit running, as these photos show….

setup1 setup2

Trains running included Derek’s Kowloon Canton Railway train, a Kato model with double decked coaches and a loco at each end, that ran from Hong Kong to Canton.  This took me back a bit, to 1992, and driving on the Tolo Highway in Hong Kong.  If you timed it right, you could track this train for a couple of miles, as it was travelling quite slowly to find a path between the local Kowloon to Lo Wu stopping trains.

And that took me back further still, to 1985, and standing on Mongkok station with my 2 year old daughter.  Mongkok is in a tunnel, and in those days, the pig trains were still running from China.  Imagine a train of stock cars full of rather upset pigs at the end of a longish journey.  The smell lingered for at least 20 minutes after the train went by.

Never mind, there would be fresh sweet and sour pork available the next day….

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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