How dangerous is our hobby?

Today’s blog is a health and safety moment.  Or rather, a few moments of extolling the health benefits of model railways.

My colleague at work phoned in sick today, and said he was having to visit the hospital to see a specialist about a nasty gash on his finger.  Now I know he is into model aircraft, so asked, “Is this a propeller induced injury?”  Sure enough it was…..

So health and safety tip today is don’t put your finger near a model aircraft propeller whilst it is rotating.

Having made myself feel suitably self-righteous, I remembered the self-induced stab wound from a screwdriver I got from do-it-yourself over the weekend.  And I am choosing to ignore the power tools, mini-circular saw, electrical work and almost as many dangerous chemicals as stored in Syria and Iraq combined, up there in the loft with the railway.

Or maybe I should just model one of these….


Propeller-Eisenbahn auf der Versuchsstrecke

About snitchthebudgie

Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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2 Responses to How dangerous is our hobby?

  1. Mike Mendoza says:

    That is awesome!!


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