Replacement bus needed?

After a rather heavy week in the model railway world, a little light relief is needed…

Council left red-faced after £6,000 bus shelter built on road with no buses

Residents were left scratching their heads after a £6,000 bus shelter appeared on a street where no buses run.
The shelter popped up in place of a rusty old pole on Tickhill Road in Maltby, South Yorkshire, earlier this month.

But council officials were left red-faced after it emerged the two-bus-a-day service along the road was axed back in March.

They don’t seem to need a replacement bus service.  Perhaps a replacement train service, or perhaps just a replacement bus….


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2 Responses to Replacement bus needed?

  1. Glennofootscray says:

    Another case of your clowncil rates at work.


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