Book review – ‘The BRM Guide to Trackplans & Layout Design

Browsing in WH Smiths (as one does) today, I came across a new British Railway Modelling publication, their ‘Guide to Trackplans & Layout Design’.  I’m a sucker for any book of track plans, so I quickly parted with my £5.99 (and got a 20% off voucher for next month and some MacDonald’s coupons as an extra), and took it home to read.


On the RMweb site, the ‘blurb’ says:

This 132-page ‘Guide to Trackplans & Layout Design’ is the ultimate tool for railway modellers looking to build a model railway layout of any size!

It includes more than 55 inspirational layout trackplans in a variety of gauges including N, OO and O. The layout plans are split into three categories:

  1. Micro and small layout plans
  2. Medium layout plans
  3. Plans for large layouts

Each layout plan includes a description of the layout featured, factfile and a list of reasons for and against this particular plan. You can also expect stunning layout photography from the likes of Andy York, Tony Wright and Paul Bason!

You’ll also find a mix of additional articles to aid your layout planning. These articles include:

  • What makes a great trackplan
  • Finding a home for your layout
  • Scales and gauges
  • Track for the OO modeller
  • Layout planning tips, stats and dimensions
  • Layout planning techniques

Have to say, it does exactly what it says on the can.  There are some very basic techniques and ideas described to start with, but I never mind being reminded of the basics of our hobby.  It is also very good to have all these ideas put into a single document for later browsing.

Have looked at these pages, there are some excellent track plans to inspire the reader.  I only knew some of the layouts, not being a regular reader of BRM, so this was a bonus.  It was good to see the historic ‘Borchester’ layout of Frank Dyer included.  I remember seeing this layout at Central Hall back in the 1960’s and 1970’s and it was so far ahead of it’s time.  Yes, there were some Hornby locomotives, but everything ran to a timetable, for a purpose, and the layout was operated and was very realistic.  Another favourite included is Trevor Nunn’s ‘West Lynn’ in ‘S’ scale.  I’ve seen this at several exhibitions, and it never fails to impress (and I do like the old Great Eastern railway).  The plan from the book is shown below.


All in all this little publication is a good read, not expensive, and thoroughly recommended.

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    Some articles are rehashed but otherwise a good read


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