Countdown to ESNGtacy (with apologies to Steely Dan)

We panic onwards towards the 12th April and the ESNG show.  Of course, it all happens at once doesn’t it.  My wife is due for a hip replacement on the same day (hi-op not to be confused with hip-hop), but luckily she has to check in at the hospital at 7am, so she’ll be dropped at the door and I’ll be off to the school to set up.  And my mother passed away on Sunday – at 94 not unexpected, and quite peacefully, sad but not devastating.  So there are just a few more jobs to do this week.  I’ve decided that they put all the nice people in local government and pensions and the like on the help desk for the recently deceased.  I have to say that everyone has been really helpful.

But the show must go on (I feel another song coming on).  The show guide is off to the printers (see below), I’ve tracked down almost all the exhibitors (please do turn up, all of you) and the banners are around the town.  All we need to do is get things set up and running, even, and hope the punters turn up.


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3 Responses to Countdown to ESNGtacy (with apologies to Steely Dan)

  1. sed30 says:

    Sorry to her about your mum and also the wife’s op. these things always happen at once. Hope your show goes well


  2. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    ESNG show on this Saturday


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