Thoughts on module design

I have always liked model railroads with a self-contained backscene and lighting.  It is a neat way of presenting your railway, and is especially useful for small layouts.  You can walk into an exhibition and be up and running in minutes.  And at home, the top of the layout ‘box’ keeps the dust off.

My little Earls Wood layout was built like this….


I  have recently come across three excellent articles as to how to apply this approach to modular railroading.

Firstly, with ‘normal’ plywood baseboards, here’s a post from the Small Model Railroads site.  The end profile of his modules and construction is shown below.



And if you are really adventurous, try foam board construction.  The master of this is Prof Klyzlr, from Sydney, and his Brooklyn: 3 AM layout.  A shot of the layout is shown below and details of the layout can be found at this link, and the form board module presentation, here.  Another approach to foam board is here.


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