A crafty idea

Following on from a method for panelled coaches, here’s another approach to complex cutting-out exercises.

I know a number of ladies who are very keen on card making and scrapbooking.  One tool they make use of is a mechanised cutter, to create letters, shapes and even fluffy bunnies.  However, these things have suddenly made an appearance as modelling tools, to cut card or plastic.

I’d recommend this  Thread on rmweb, all 29 pages of it, with lots of examples of modelling applications.  For example, how about a lattice footbridge:


Or coach panelling:


For details of the Silhouette Cameo (cheapish) and the Silver Bullet (more expensive) try this web-site (usual disclaimer).

How does this compare with etched brass or 3-D printing?  I suspect it’s cheaper, after the initial investment in the cutting machine.  It looks easier to create artwork compared with that for etching, and you don’t have to master 3-D graphics for 3-D printing.  It’s really a scratch-building aid rather that something for kit creation (etching) or a near complete model (3-D printing).  And as such it is an attractive option.

I’m sorely tempted to get one.  I love panelled coaches, and made quite a few in my younger years.  I still have an unfinished Trailee & Dingle 3′ gauge coach built in a hotel room on Java.  Perhaps this would be an easy way to build some accurate interurbans or real Lehigh Valley coaches?  But would I ever use it???  Maybe the fun would be trying…..

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2 Responses to A crafty idea

  1. chrismears says:

    Wow, that’s some incredible work. Thanks for sharing the post and spreading the idea further.

    The local Michael’s craft stores sell the Cricut machine for around $200 (CAD) and I’m sure they cold probably be bought online for a little less. Given the type of work that could be accomplished with the tool it really opens the door to models that could now be made. While it may appear as an expensive tool investment, in terms of etched kits (dollars savd) it might not take too long to offest the initial investment.

    Since you can determine the depth of cut for a material, I wonder if you could scribe using one of these tools?


    • I think a Cricut has less capability than a Silhouette, say. Scribing is possible – look through the pages on the RMweb link. People are still experimenting with scribing, but with some reasonable results.


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