More greetings from Filisur in Switzerland

More from our man in Switzerland.  I can see the attraction of modelling modern Swiss railways.  Lots of colourful and interesting locomotives and stock.  He writes:

As for the two locomotive & their freight/works train.  It came in and was to big for the loop. They ran round.  Backed up the train then put the train forward over the small turntable and into the small shed the other side.  This was far enough to clear the points at the other end.  All good fun.

IMAG0039_BURST002 IMAG0038

It’s also good to see a ‘normal’ bit of Switzerland, hilly enough to make a backdrop to the railway, but not a ‘rabbit-warren’ mountain line.  Yes, I know these exist, but when I see a layout of extreme Swiss (or elsewhere) railways, I tend to think ‘toy’.  Perhaps this is an example of an old lesson in layout planning – total realism may not be believable!  I know that when I go to a model railway show, my interest is usually sparked by the slightly different rather than the extremely unusual.

I’d just written this up, and yet another episode arrived.  Is that Ron I see unsuccessfully trying to hide behind the catenary mast?

That works train has turned up again tonight. Same pair of locomotive. Third night running that we been here.  The works are on the Davos – Filisur line.

Here are photos of the other end.  They are not on the turntable as I thought. Just short. (next time I will check myself).

IMAG0044 IMAG0042

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