Another modelling challenge?

As a PS to last time, and Swiss trams, this Basle “piggy tram” defies description!  I came across it whilst browsing the internet, and had to look at Google Images to check it wasn’t a Photoshop special.

Perhaps it’s an ideal way for the railway modeller to combine his two main interests, trains and bacon?  All it needs is to be coupled to another tram advertising beer…..


There is some concern around as to whether this tram can be considered anti-Islamic.  Personally, I’m more concerned for the sanity of the designer, and am naïve enough to wonder what on earth has been drawn on the side of the tram.  Looks like gigantic n*ppl*s to me????

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to Another modelling challenge?

  1. big al says:

    I did see this tram trailer once out side Basel main station. The pigs head is on the outer end of the car .


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