ESNG AGM – 16 July 2014

It’s AGM time again.  The chance for the members to rebel against the committee and stretch out the meeting for hours debating minor issues – then vote them back again to continue running the club.  But tonight was different – there was no need to frisk the members for fruit, rotten, canned or otherwise.

Perhaps it was the eight apologies for absence.  Some of these were quite imaginative.  Martin (senior) is in intensive care.  (But seriously, we were delighted to hear that he had come through a major operation successfully).  Paul was having trouble with his irrigation system – on the golf course that is.  Peter claimed to be in Ireland on the way to Cyprus (if I was going there I wouldn’t start from here).  And Sean was driving a train.

Or perhaps it was the sauna like atmosphere after the hottest day of the year (till tomorrow).  Or maybe it was the prospect of lots of second hand railway stuff for sale afterwards (see below).

Anyhow, the meeting was over in an hour.  We were just quorate.  The committee were re-elected en masse to carry on the good work.  There were no other nominations and they weren’t allowed to resign.  And a number of good points came up – including how to get beyond this blog and into social media, and a suggested Play-Day in the Autumn.

And the shopping was good!  Many thanks to the Crimbles for bringing over lots of lovely railway goodies from their late father (and our late member) Robin’s collection to allow the club to have first pick.  Lots of British and European stock but (fortunately) no American.  Nothing for me, I thought.  But some Kato Swiss 4-wheeled trams were too tempting.  I have looked at these at Stuttgart every year, but had resisted thus far.

And having got the trams, I just had to buy a number of Faller and Kibri plastic building kits.  I’m thinking of a little tram diversion of a mainland European street with trams running down it….

untitled (4)



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