Railway modelling is not fun

Sorry, but part 2 of our ‘fun’ series is another re-blog from Simon Dunkley’s site. He rightly points out the Mike Cougill has forgotten to define ‘fun’, and goes on and explores what model railroad ‘fun’ might be.  In a recent post he confessed to having a degree in psychology.  Maybe it shows here….  But what does it say about me – a civil engineer who enjoys reading posts by someone with a degree in psychology?

The Erratic and Wandering Journey

My friend Mike Cougill has made a few posts recently about model railroading and “fun”. He even went so far as to pose 20 questions on the subject. As he has recently revealed, these reflect his self-questionning, and he has answered some of the questions. I had a problem with the questions, as Mike had (intentionally, I am sure) left out any sort of definition as to what fun might mean. It got me thinking – I am sure that getting people thinking was Mike’s aim. It usually is.

Fun” is an interesting word. Originally the way to have fun was to play a trick, hoax, etc on someone – so fun came at another’s expense (for example, the bawdy and riotous story “Tom Jones” treats it this way). Definitions change over time (awful used to be a major compliment!) but the element of spontaneity…

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