London stations – two overall roofs

Why is it you never have a camera when you want one.  (Perhaps I need a better mobile phone).  I went to a meeting next to Paddington and had a superb view down to the massive overall roof at that station.  Paddington’s roof is still there in its original glory, and hasn’t been replaced with real estate and skyscrapers, as with some other London termini.

Here are a couple of views of Paddington’s roof, one in steam days.

EPSON scanner image Paddington_Station,_London_(2631087225)

Also of interest was a notice I spotted walking through London Victoria on the way to the meeting.  Network Rail are offering guided tours on top of the roof.  Not for the unfit or those afraid of heights, but it could be quite some visit!  Here is a article from the web on visiting the roof and the tours.

We’re walking through the glass alps. The main roof of Victoria station glints in the mid-morning sun — its slopes cover an area equivalent to three football pitches. Older sheds to the west serve as crystalline foothills. From up here, the country’s second busiest railway station is silent, serene even.

Victoria’s vast roof dates from 1862 and is Grade II listed, but was heavily refurbished a few years ago. From here, you get remarkable views of local landmarks, such as Battersea Power Station and Westminster Cathedral. You also get a sense of the great development works taking place in the area, including a modernised tube station.

As part of this year’s Open House festival (20-21 September), the roof will be opened to members of the public for the first time. Group sizes will necessarily be small, so the tours will be for ballot winners only. Application does not open until early August, but follow @NetworkRailVIC to be among the first to hear when the ballot goes live (and, of course, to get regular updates on services from Victoria). For now, enjoy our photos from this rarely seen roof-world.

Go on – I dare you!

DSC_0025 DSC_00371

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