Farnham & District MRC exhibition – 11 October 2014

With no ESNG PlayDay, I took the opportunity to slip over to Aldershot and the Farnham & District MRC 40th Model Railway Exhibition.  I took the opportunity to stop for a late breakfast and coffee, then was held up for half-an-hour on the A31 Hogs Back due to an accident that had blocked the road.

However, the show was well worth waiting for.  There were about 20 layouts, and unusually, there was lots of small scale modelling – six N gauge and four 2mm fine scale layouts, I think.  It was interesting to compare the N gauge and 2mm modelling.  Often, both used commercial N gauge models, but it takes the much finer 2mm track to really bring out how good the modern commercial models are.

I’ve highlighted a few layouts below.  With a non-working camera, I’ve high-jacked a few images from Google.  I hope I’ve attributed them correctly, and apologies if they shouldn’t have been used…..

Ian Lampkin’s ‘Banbury’ in ‘N’ shows how effective modern image (2010 and later) can be, with his accurate model of this station.  There’s a mixture of multiple units and goods trains passing through.  I spotted my one ‘Brighton Belle’ of the morning, representing the preserved unit being towed to a new location.


Model Railways in Southeast England

‘Kayreuth’ by Ian Hogben is a large German N gauge layout.  Multiple main lines and a branch give plenty of action and a chance to showcase the many delightful European models available, running through some complex scenery.


Image by Continental Modeller

Jerry Clifford’s ‘Tucking Mill’ (2mm) is a delightfully observed, totally bucolic, branchline terminus of the fictitious North Somerset Railway.  I enjoyed seeing an 2mm locomotive carrying out hands-off shunting of some interesting pre-group wagons, with as much reliability as an ‘O’ gauge layout.


Jerry Clifford

Last layout (with nothing against the others) to describe is Nigel Ashton’s Llangerisech (2mm), a GWR, ex-Cambrian large branch line terminus.  Although I don’t have a lot of time for the GWR, it begins to get interesting in these far-flung Welsh outposts!  Again, the fine-scale wheels and track are very noticeable.


Nigel Ashton

Lastly, I took the opportunity to go over to the ‘dark side’ and attended the 2mm Association AGM.  I’ve been a member for several years, and would love to have a dabble at fine-scale 2mm modelling.  Up to now I just haven’t had time.  This was an opportunity to meet a few of the members, see how they conduct their business (with good-humoured efficiency) and inspect the Association shop (I didn’t buy anything).  My priority is to complete my N-mod layout for next year’s ESNG show, but after that, a 2mm ‘shunting plank’ is very tempting.

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