Jon’s modules – Progress?

It’s been a while (again) since I reported progress on my N-Club modules.  And the main reason for this is that there has been little progress.  A new central heating boiler and some tidying up meant that the loft room had been filled with ‘stuff’ and it has been almost impossible to work up there.

However, I got to grips with the room last weekend.  An old chest of drawers went to the tip, making space for the bookcase cabinet that had been taking my working space.  The contents of the drawers (all railway items) went into the cabinet.  A number of bags of clothes were moved back into bedrooms.  And it looks a whole lot better!

Now to get to work.  I realise that the next ESNG exhibition in April is not so far away, and I want to exhibit the modules, even in an unfinished state.  So this is my job list:

  1. Complete main line wiring (the branch can remain unwired if necessary)
  2. Build two end loop boards, lay track and wire
  3. Paint track and baseboards (ballasting may be too long a job)
  4. Make some mock-up buildings (based on the laser-cut kit drawings)
  5. If time, complete the branch wiring
  6. If time, complete the 4th main line board
  7. If time complete the branch fiddle yard
  8. And then exhibit it all!!!

Another small and continuing job is to sort my rolling stock from myriads of boxes into a series of foam lined stock boxes.  My latest ones contain coal hoppers, and one prosaically entitled ‘cabeese’ (I assume this is the plural of ‘caboose’?)

I hope that this is attainable.  I had hoped to wire the main line this month, but I might not quite get there.  However, two weeks holiday over Christmas may give a chance for some real progress.  Watch this space.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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