Stuttgart 2014 #3 – ESNG at play

ESNG ran our usual four track N-mod circuit for the four days of the show.  It was linked to the main N-club double track modular layout by a pair of junctions.  This allowed the inner three tracks to run our own stock, but the outer track received (and sent back) stock from Europe (no UKIP here!)  However, running the outer junction from Europe was the most stressful job for the operators.  Occasionally, three or four trains were coming from all directions, sometimes accompanied by the train owner telling you where to send it.  Being the gentlemen that we are in ESNG, we refrained from the obvious answer….


Looking down the exhibition hall, one gets an impression of its size.  We were missing a few railway trade stands, as the Stuttgart show this year clashed with that at Cologne.  This was probably a good thing, otherwise Neil would have spent even more money.  As it was, the shelves were looking a little bare by Sunday.  Our cameraman has also caught the ESNG members in their natural habitat.  Sometimes, the little fellows act very shy, hiding from the camera and making strange hand gestures (with apologies to David Attenborough.)

E_02 E_03 E_04 E_05

ERIC went PW this year.  We always try to ‘theme’ ERIC the roundhouse, and this year permanent way stock was on display.  I enjoyed running my Delaware and Hudson PA1 and a rake of seven streamliner coaches.  The Deltic also looks good!

E_06 E_07 E_08 E_08a

Raysden is always worth a look.  The GWR railcars automatically shuttled back and forth for four days on the branch line without a hitch.


Derek’s Union Street was back on display this year, with a real London Underground train on the subterranean subway line.  Corgi produced a model close to N gauge for the London Olympics, that was quickly motorised by Derek.  They had a little trouble with the disco in the railway arches – due to the hall voltage drop, the light show was green only – perhaps it was zombie night?

E_12 E_13 E_14

Duncan’s ‘Westminster’ graced the T-track circuit for another year.  Try counting the rush hour commuters….


Finally, the chairman was in a destructive mood.  He opened our access gate when Thomas was hiding in the tunnel and he popped out on a one way trip to a concrete floor (Thomas, not the chairman).  Thomas RIP.  Frighteningly, we then began to observe a pattern, when the chairman repeated the trick with the Harry Potter Hogwarts express.  Fortunately, a little magic from Harry (and Derek) got the train running again.

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