Stuttgart 2014 #4 – N-Club modules

Today, just a few photographs of the many N-club modules that were on display.  A reminder – here’s the end board of the N-club module – the module can be of any length or indeed radius.


This enormous station layout is a regular at the Stuttgart show.  Every year that goes by seems to have more detail added.  The combination of a scale length main line station, complex trackwork, and finely detailed buildings – and trams – takes a lot of beating.

nc_01 nc_02 nc_03

This extensive loco shed is also a regular on display.  One can see the potential of a modular layout – this shed would make a reasonable stand-alone home layout, but can be linked up with other peoples boards for a big show.


This flying junction wouldn’t fit in so well at home.  The young operators are looking for the next train.  Behind you…..


The ‘helix’ is always a focal point of the show.  Two of these modules raise the running lines above head height, and enable the public to get ‘inside’ the modular layout, or just to form a main corridor through the layouts.  It is also the focus of attention when a train gets stuck or derails near the top, requiring a step ladder and stopping all running for a while.  At least this year there were no breakaways coming back down the spiral at ever increasing speed.


Feeling a little blue?  just about everything was lit, from floodlights to car lights on this module.


I liked this shed with overhead catenary.  A very attractive building, and the locomotive nearest the camera was programmed to shuttle in and out of the shed.  It would also make a good interurban shed…..


The more one looked, the more good modelling could be found.  Here we have interesting bridges, buildings and a harbour, and some N-gauge vines and vegetables.

nc_09 nc_10 nc_11

And of course, railways are meant to carry essential supplies.  Peanuts into the UK, Imperial Mints out.  No wonder we have a deficit….


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