Stuttgart 2014 #7 – Other halls, other interests

One really good thing about the Messe is that you pay once (a very reasonable 12 Euros) and you gain entrance to all eight halls.  Our NEC could learn from this.  It increases the visitor numbers to all shows, as even if you come to visit one, you are likely to drop into the others.  Over the years, I haven’t visited the other halls much, but Maxine and I spent some time exploring most of the other halls (we didn’t bother with the electronics – to avoid computers for the weekend – and baby – past that – shows).

This delightful old car was at the Messe entrance.


Next to our hall was the craft and games exhibition.  Half the hall was full of games of all sorts.  The other was full of wool, beads and other craft activities.  I could have taken up any number of new hobbies.  Then I decided that railways were bad enough!  So we watched the local punters trying out board games before buying (brilliant idea), were buzzed by an airship and cut down by a Star Wars Stormtrooper.

h_02 h_03 h_04 h_05

Next off to look for free samples in the food and drink show.  Not much drink to try, but plenty of cheese samples, lots of interesting salamis and sauces and dips.

h_06 H_07 h_08 h_09

Finally to the home and garden show, all three halls of it.  Perhaps the least interesting, as we weren’t interested in buying a new (German) kitchen or building a new house.  Still, I got my shoes cleaned with some miracle product and the Stuttgart Water Company display was interesting, especially as it was offering glasses of cold water.

h_10 h_11 h_12

The full size hydrants are actually quite light, and are pedal bins.  I suppose the one good thing about the furniture displays was a chance to rest aching legs and feet!

h_13 h_14

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