Stuttgart 2014 #8 – All good things must come to an end….

And, as always, it’s quicker to take a layout down than to put it up.  Two hours after the close of show, the van was packed.  It was then back to the hotel for a well earned dinner.

bd_01 bd_02 bd_04 bd_05 bd_06

Amazingly, there was still some beer left!  And this was despite wheeling it over to the Finns at lunchtime, who unfortunately were unable to ‘Finnish’ it.


Allan and Derek set off early Monday morning in the van, and took 12 hours door to door back to Redhill.  We unloaded at the church hall, and Derek’s house, by 18:30 leaving only Allan’s own bits and pieces in the van.

Maxine and I had a leisurely breakfast, packed, checked out, and strolled to the airport.  We had some excellent views of London from the air on the approach to Heathrow.  I never tire of flying across London and spotting all the landmarks, and of course the main line stations.  This time, I excelled myself, spotting the church in Shadwell where we had been to a wedding a few weeks before.  After a quick transit Heathrow to Redhill, we were home by 14:15.

And that’s the Stuttgart pilgrimage over for another year, and this blog will go back to normal…..

bd_07 bd_08

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