Today’s competition

No prizes, but what is wrong with this extremely festive Christmas card, sent to me just in time for Chinese New Year by Cha(i)rman Allan?


Yes, the Routemaster on the left looks like it’s an export model and it could be a little bit dangerous alighting in the middle of the road.  But how many other errors can you see?

It’s easy to be critical of an artist with no heart for public transport, but it also raises a few questions as to our hobby. For example, the picture ‘looks’ right, as to the place and atmosphere.  It’s the detail that lets things down.  If you looked at my model railway, how much incorrect detail will you find?  (Actually, none, as it’s still bare baseboards – but I suppose the track is not to scale?)  And does it matter?

So when does valid critique of a model turn into rivet-counting and then into petty criticism of another’s work?  We’re all prone to it!

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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2 Responses to Today’s competition

  1. Chris Mears says:

    Fascinating post. Thanks for sharing it.

    In that picture we see something from model railways. Our efforts at realism and “realistic modelling” go beyond just having the super-detailed models or accurate settings to the very way in which we present them. The way we design and stage the scenes and how we operate the trains provide context to the layout and that might be where we really have a chance to get it right, regardless of the quality of the individual elements. I think this context is the tailoring that distinguishes a great layout from a good one.

    Great post. Thanks.



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