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And for next year….

Surely this must be on my bucket list for next year?  Perhaps an ESNG expedition??? And meet the builders….

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Happy Christmas!

From Facebook…. Christmas trees bound for Texas in November 1964. SP box cars loaded by conveyor at Kirk, Minnesota, Christmas tree grower. The company had 1,750 feet of rail spur and could load 32 cars. They used 180 railroad cars … Continue reading

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A Victorian Christmas tragedy

From the Guardian: Charles Dickens’s final Christmas turkey lost by Great Western Railway Rediscovered letter records that 30lb bird was dispatched by train but transferred to a replacement coach service that caught fire. Charles Dickens’s stoic response to the destruction … Continue reading

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End of an era

After 43 years working for the same company, I paid my last visit to work today.  As I have been working part time and on zero-hours, I submitted my final invoice, and handed in my computer and door card. Truly … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Christmas! And did you spot him last night – travelling by train this year?  Or by tram?  

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Christmas greetings

Well it’s almost here….  Weeks of manic consumerism culminate in a final spending frenzy.  “Pete 75C” commented on RMWeb…. I thought I’d pop into Tesco at 07:30 to avoid the rush and get a few last minute bits. Good GRIEF. … Continue reading

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Christmas public service anouncement…..

With a few days to go to the 25th, it’s time for a Christmas Health and Safety reminder.  You will be please to hear that the HSE has posted the ’12 Myths of Christmas’. HSE from media reports and correspondence … Continue reading

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