ESNG PlayDay – 8 March 2015 #2

A few more views of our afternoon playing trains…..

We were supposed to be working on the ‘gate’ ready for the show.  But it didn’t get far.  Talk is indeed cheap, and running trains was more interesting than laying track.


I like this view of Ian’s V2’s on a passenger train.  The wheel slip is caught well and was rather impressive in the flesh.  The photo also shows the terrible joint between modules here.  Most trains just bounced over it without uncoupling.


The engineer’s train looks good as it goes by, but watch to the end for the ‘slip’ coach, as it leaves the brake van behind.

Martin appeared, having left his Eddie Stobart articulated at home.  Perhaps we could hold next year’s exhibition inside a trailer?  He brought along this excellent modern image coal train to run.  It looks good running through Derek’s board.

Allan’s Terrier and Maunsell coaches made a good show.  Not quite right together for period, but they would look good on a preserved line.

Most of the trains on show were from the UK, but we did have a couple of USA visitors.  Dave’s double headed Alco’s made a colourful show.

I’d brought along all my Lehigh Valley plus other cabooses, so ran the ultimate ‘brake van special’.  It would have made a good enthusiast’s train!

Finally, I brought along my nearly complete ‘O’ gauge LSWR G6.  It needs safety valves, tank fillers, lamp irons and the like.  As it hasn’t been touched since 1993, I suppose it can wait a little longer.  ‘O’ gauge just looks enormous alongside ‘N’.



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