Planning the exhibition – again

A while back, I posted about planning the ESNG show and the room layout that I had come up with.  Indeed, I thought it was all set out nicely.  But over the past couple of weeks, and with four weeks to go, there have been a few changes.  Two layouts have had to drop out, for very good reasons – one a move to Lancashire and one due to illness.  And one trader was having problems manning their stand.  Finally, my progress on my American layout has been pedestrian to say the least – I’ll probably just bring some boards as a static display.

So into panic mode!  Many thanks to the West Sussex Group of the NGS, who have agreed to send a modular layout.  So it’s turning into a real modular show – ESNG, Berkshire NGS group and West Sussex NGS group will all be showing their modular layouts.

Even better news, Invicta are still able to come along with a selection of ‘N’ gauge new stock and relieve us of some hard-earned folding currency.  Thank you, Kerry, for recruiting your father to help run the stand.  And something new – we have Neil Grace coming to sell us some military/railway items.

So it’s still going to be a really good show.  But who’d be an exhibition manager?  This is my fourth ESNG show and I’m feeling it must be about time to retire.  The only trouble is, no doubt I’ll be caught in the rush of volunteers to take over the job!


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2 Responses to Planning the exhibition – again

  1. sed30 says:

    Good luck im planning an AGM so know the feeling


  2. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Know the feeling


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