At least you can’t see the details in ‘N’….

The Daily Telegraph has come up with this gem of a headline:

“Model railways showed an idealised England until ‘sexy scenes’ came along – Forget housewives in headscarves or children waving from the road, the latest figures from Buffers Model Railway will shock you “

It bemoans how idyllic scenes of rural Britain with bucolic yokels leaning on the farm gate have been replaced by……  SEX:

I’d always considered the world of model railways to be the last surviving example of a rose-tinted Britain that no longer exists. Enthusiasts of this quaint and captivating hobby invariably seem to use 1950 as their cultural template when designing their layouts.

But now you can add nudists (and more) to the layout.


Of course they’re actually a bit out of date, as the Continental manufacturers have been making such items for a number of years.  And frankly they’re a bit of a waste of time in ‘N’ gauge, as realistic anatomical details are too small to notice!  But the article is also an exercise in missing the point.  It concludes:

So will this be the start of a revolution in model railwaying? Will the idealised world of Betjeman give way to a warts-and-all depiction of modern Britain in all its glory? If so, why stop at sex? There’s so much more you could add if you really want to give your layout that extra touch of verisimilitude.

How about miniature fly-tippers dumping stained mattresses by the side of the track; wind turbines and fracking machines surrounded by tiny protesters; badger cullers and hunt saboteurs? Why not go the whole hog and simply cover your green and pleasant landscape with a vast industrial estate complete with out of town superstore and parking for 3,000 Matchbox cars?

Hang on guys.  Some of the best model railways I have seen don’t have a blade of grass (except perhaps between the tracks) and are covered in grimy industry.  The USA are experts in such things.  Even here in the UK, ‘Minories’ is a far more interesting layout than ‘Ashburton’.

I hope they don’t do a parallel article on ‘violence’.  I am old enough to remember the Triang rocket wagon, that was armed with a nasty spring loaded rocket…..

And while we are being excessively tasteful, I was amused by this news item…

England’s first bio-bus (but nobody will call it that) will hit the streets this month, operating four days a week on Service 2 (yes, really). If the route proves a success, the company will consider introducing more buses. Sewage will be turned into biomethane gas, which powers the vehicle. I believe it can also run on political campaign promises.

Once a designer of sewage works, always a designer of sewage works, I suppose!




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