Spot the difference!

I hope that the Railway Modeller will forgive my use of this excellent photograph of 3 ‘Deltics’.  To explain, and to quote…

An imposing line up of Deltics, reminiscent of Haymarket shed in the 1960’s, perhaps?  However, not everything is quite what it may seem at first glance; in the photo there’s a OO gauge model from Bachmann, the recent N gauge release from Graham Farish and the hefty O gauge version from Heljan – can you tell which is which?  (Photo: Craig Tiley).


Looking at the detail in the bogie side frames, from front to back it’s clearly N, OO and O.  But it does show just how good the new generation of N gauge models is.  10 – or even 5 – years ago, the difference would have been obvious.

The article by Peter Kelly finishes with these wise words….

Each and every gauge has its merits and none of them deserves to be dismissed by those with a different preference…..

Surely the time has come to end any suggestion of gauge blindness, and instead appreciate other people’s choices for the merits of each and every gauge because, after all, it’s the love of railways past and present that will remain our common bond.

Or a train is a train is a train….  Good modelling is good modelling whatever the scale or indeed the prototype selected.  I’ve heard too many exhibitions dismissed by the comment, “Not much N gauge there”.   But I bet there were lots of good things to look at….

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